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Creating the outdoor environment of your dreams!
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Behind every beautiful landscape Lies a great design!
AllScapes Inc. is a complete Landscape Design, Build, Maintenance Company that focuses on
providing you with exceptional service that will enhance your outdoor investment for years to come.
 We strive to bring your ideas to reality by creating the outdoor environment of your dreams!
The Process:
AllScapes Inc. team currently consists of three Landscape designers, one State of Texas Licensed
Irrigator, one State of Texas Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester, one office administrator, and
numerous field employees.  Our field employees are always uniformed while working on your
property.  Our company trucks are clearly marked with company logos letting you know when we
are on site.
Our office is open from 8AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday.  Our office is closed Saturday and
Sunday.  Appointments can be  scheduled through our office.  Appointments vary on the sales reps
individual schedule.  For special requests please speak to your individual sales rep.
Perfection is our goal.  We combine your desires with our expertise to bring to life the outdoor
environment of your dreams.  AllScapes Inc. has developed a reputation of high quality
craftsmanship.  Our attention to detail is impeccable.  Whether your project is Commercial or
Residential, small or large, our staff works with you to get the final product you desire.  We have
numerous clients who depend on our company on a daily basis.
The design process begins with an on-site consultation with a landscape  designer.  The purpose of
this meeting is for the Landscape Designer to listen to the client, familiarize themselves with the site,
and to ask pertinent questions.  Input from all of this defines the design program elements.  This
meeting and the information obtained is where the design process begins.
Next the Landscape Designer will prepare a concept plan which will determine the general
arrangement and relationship of all improvements discussed in the initial on-site consultation.  Once
the concept Landscape plan is completed, arrangements will be made to present the plan at a time
convenient to you.  We currently print all of our designs in full color output!  
During this meeting all aspects of the landscape design will be explained and any questions you
have about the elements of the Landscape Design will be answered.  A complete estimate for the
installation of all elements contained within the Landscape Designed will be presented to you.  The
process of the installation will also be explained at this time.
The installation of the Landscape project will begin based on all contract obligations.  Our
employees will be responsible for the installation of the complete project.  The size and nature of the
installation will depict the time period required for the construction process.  The project will be
managed by the Landscape Designer.  The Landscape Designer will be available to answer any
questions during this process.  Maintenance and watering instructions will be provided upon
completion of the construction process.
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